Sell Bitcoin to Western Union

Sell Bitcoin to Western Union USD, Exchange Bitcoin to Western Union,

Sell Bitcoin for Western Union


How can you Exchange your Bitcoins to Western Union money transfer?

The first step in order to transfer your Bitcoins via the Western Union involves entering the Bitcoin amount you wish to exchange and your email. The second step is to provide receiver’s details so we could send you Western Union. The customer must provide their First Name, Last Name, City, State and Country beforehand. On the last step, we provide you our bitcoin address and you should pay the order by sending bitcoins to this address and click “I paid the order”. Cryptex24 requires three confirmations after which we start to process transfer the money via the Western Union. After the transfer is sent, Cryptex24 provides to customer transfer details; sender’s first name, last name, city, country and the MTCN. The MTCN is a unique tracking number assigned to ever money transfer which is needed to pick up the money. The exchange process takes around 1-3 business hours (banks are opened from 16-00 to 02-00 GMT) after which the customer can conveniently withdraw the money.

Why choose the Western Union for transferring Bitcoins?

Being one of the largest and most reliable services for fund transfer, using the Western Union is safe and hassle free. Financial transactions are made easy and the Western Union also allows users to send and receive funds via online. They also allow for a secure method of monetary transaction. With over 500,000 agent locations, 100,000 ATMS in over 200 countries, Western Union allows for secure and seamless money transfer. They deal with over 130 billion money transactions reaching more than 1 billion bank accounts worldwide. Once the transaction has been made, just visit any of the worldwide Agent locations. After providing them with the MTCN number and sender details, then identifying yourself the agent will give you the money along with a receipt. Operation to It’s as easy at that!