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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency where the creation and transfer of bitcoins is based on an open-source cryptographic protocol that is independent of any central authority. Bitcoins can be transferred through a computer or smartphone without an intermediate financial institution.

What is this site about?

This site will allow you to instantly exchange your bitcoins by PayPal, Skrill, Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card, Payoneer, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Advanced Cash, Western Union, Bank Wire Transfer, SEPA Euro (EUR) bank transfers.

What kind of fees do you charge?

We don’t charge any extra fees. The price you see is final price.

What is the minimum amount I can exchange?

Minimum amount is 0.0005 Bitcoin (BTC).

Do I need to register in your site?

No, You can exchange your funds by simply entering your bitcoin address and paypal account, bank account number etc.

How many blockchain confirmations are needed for the bitcoin transactions to be confirmed by your system?

A single blockchain confirmation is enough for us to confirm your invoices.

How long does the transfer take?

Our exchange system is designed to send the payments automatically. All processes takes usually only few minutes.

How easy is it?

Is is very easy. In fact, we want to make the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoins.

disclaimer_bitcoinDISCLAIMER: Bitcoin and crypto currencies prices are volatile and fluctuate day-to-day. Trading in these crypto currencies may be considered a high risk activity. Proper and sound judgement should be used in evaluating the risks associated with these activities.® does not solicit nor make any representation that crypto currencies are an investment vehicle. The decision to trade crypto currencies rests entirely on the users own independent judgement.